Rules and Punishments

Rule 1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
Excessive use of caps 30-minute mute N/A N/A
Spamming 30-minute mute N/A N/A
Being disrespectful 30-minute mute N/A N/A
Harassment 30-minute mute N/A N/A
Excessively swearing 60-minute mute N/A N/A
Arguing with any staff member Warn N/A N/A
Not keeping topics to their correct channels Warn Temp-ban 1 hour Perm Ban
Abusing bugs (Discord bugs or bot bugs) Kick Temp-ban 1 hour Perm Ban
Having an offensive nickname Warn Perm Ban until name change Perm Ban
Promoting Discord links Perm Ban N/A N/A
Posting anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Perm Ban N/A N/A
Posting anything that includes: Homophobic speech; Hate speech; Graphic violence; Nudity; Racism; Etc... Perm Ban N/A N/A

Any staff member has the right to warn and/or kick a member if they believe the member has broken a rule or a made a post that was inappropriate. Any staff member has final judgement. If you have a problem with a judgement, message VolcanicArts or JohnyTheCarrot.